Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dean Marks repurposes a book cover to make a mail art memory

Figgy Guyver - a Painting Holds memories for millions and millions

Coley Ann - Wooden spoon rules

Positively Postal encounters a parrot on a train

This is what positively postal said on Mailart365 where he posted this image:
Well, it's been nearly a whole year since I've posted anything up here but I am now making and sending mailart again as part of an exhibition I'm putting on at the end of this June (all mailart contributions greatly received and will be put on display) at a local gallery so while I may not reach the dizzy heights of sending a piece every day a la 365, here's a piece I made yesterday and sent off this morning.

It is based upon being on a train last week on the way to see youngest daughter perform in a dance show when all of a sudden I heard this voice say "hello! hello! hello!". At first I thought it was one of those unusual ringtones but then I saw this guy with his parrot in its cage, partially covered over, sitting opposite sort of telling it to behave/keep quiet. I got off at the next station so not sure if it was about to swear, all in all a rather unusual experience but resulted in this mailart!

Helen Thorne - anticipating memroies 2013

Sue Marsdon and New Zealand

Simon Warren muses on memory

One of the things about mailart is that some people send stuff without context.  On the whole, this makes things interesting.  I asked Simon in one of my replies if his instalments were part of my 'Memories are Made of This' and he didn't address that question but here I can see, clearly the intention, I think.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Memories arrive from Rupert Loydell (Cornwall UK)

As I was returning the pieces to their envelope to transport to Edinburgh, I found a postcard I'd missed. It is an invitition to a website where you can order poetry and postcards with work by Rupert and others.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Flyer for Forest exhibition

The stamps and images were taken from the IUOMA website. Alexander Limerov's stamp with Ruud responsible for the other logos, I think.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mariana Serban and her high school students send memories from Romania

the Art High School sends memories 
one inside another, like a russian doll.

Türk Andreas (16 years)

  Bajró Renáta, (18 years) 

Mariana Serban

Mariana Serban

Laval Cristissa

Türk Andreas (16 years)

Mariana Serban

Mariana Serban

Nagy Aruda (18 years)

Somodi Brigitta (18 years)

Mariana Serban

Mariana Serban

An envelope packed with memories from Roberto Scala


Postcard ('Blond Face' Agosto 2012)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Outgoing to Edinburgh

Inspired by Diane Keys' trashpo quilts.  I made some quilted trash and fused plastic quilts.