Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cernjul Viviana: the magic of the great race.

Heloisa Sonaglio (Brasil)

Pál Csaba (Budapest Hungary)

Gem of a collage from Eni Ilis (Brasil)

Meanwhile multiples from the principality of buz (blurr)

Note the 50 year group!

Simon Warren memories 19-23

Simon, if you visit this page just want to let you know that (when I have a second) I will respond to all your recent memories.  I have an idea...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mail Artists who participated in IUOMA exhibition at The Forest

Here is a list of the artists whose work I hung at the Forest Exhibition. A huge thank you to everyone. 

Emma from The Forest said this, 'Thanks again for sharing the collection with Forest and the 4by8 gallery - it was a great use of the windows, with folk stopping by in the street and reading from outside as curious eyes read from within the building.  Lovely way to connect people.'

Andrea, Turk (The Art High School, Romania)
Antonin, Grigori (USA)
Bajkó, Renáta (The Art High School, Romania)
Baroni, Viittore (Italy)
BellScott, Nancy (USA)
Bericat, Pedro (Spain)
Blake, Stephanie (USA)
Bruns, Vizma (Australia)
BVlock, Jay (USA)
Coley Ann (UK)
Cristina Zaval (The Art High School, Romania)
Dartes, Nolwenn (Switzerland)
Dentoni, Sarah, (USA)
Foster, Jon (USA)
Granlund, Carina (Finland)
Guyver, Figgy (UK)
Guyver, Hudson (UK)
Guyver, Rebecca (UK)
Hamby, Dustin (USA)
Heed, Niklas (Sweden)
Hendy, Ella (UK)
Herman, Valentine Mark (France)
Irwen, Amy (USA)
Keys, Diane (USA)
King, Sam (USA)
Leigh, Michael (UK)
Lewis, Jane (UK)
Loydell, Rupert (UK)
Lynch, Taidgh (Ireland)
Marks, Dean (France)
Marsdon, Sue (UK)
Matarrese, Pietro Roman0 (Italy)
Moss, Beci (UK)
Nidham, M. (Oman)
Nikoltsou, Katerina (Greece)
Norton, Ken (USA)
Pinter, Klaus (Austria)
Positively Postal (UK)
Pullo, Kerri (USA)
Scala, Roberto (Italy)
Serban, Mariana (Romania)
Sirwaite, Vaida (Lithuania)
Somodi, Bridgitta (Romania)
Svozilik, Jaromir (Norway)
The Art High School students
Theedom, Annie (UK)
Thorne, Helen (UK)
Tofu (USA)
Vermeulen, Guido (Belgium)
Warren, Simon (UK)
Williams, Theresa (USA)
Wintzer, Marie (Japan) 

Unfortunately I am not sure of a few of the names, (especially students from the Art High School- Romania) so let me know if there are errors and I will correct them! I believe that's 16 countries!

Train proposal Simon Warren

Memories of Laura's trip home

We've had Hudson home from med school.  Laura is Hudson's medic 'wife'.  apparently it was snowy, happy and they ate eggs in Ireland. We love that Laura has discovered mail art! I'm in the process of planning a mail art pop-up exhibition in Suffolk in June and look forward to hanging this there!

Monday, April 8, 2013