Monday, August 26, 2013

Girl With rose Colored Cheeks 2013 - Christine Newkirk

One of my artist/ mail artist friends stayed in our house this summer, enjoying the quirks of life in an idiosyncratic old Suffolk house, tending the chickens and being tugged around fields with Lyra. She piled up our post but she propped this piece up on the end of table, as I imagine it spoke to her.

some more and some missing pieces from Simon Warren

Simon was my most dedicated correspondent on Cranberry Island this summer.  He sent instalments to both Maine and England. Pages arrived out of order and with gaps.  Here are a few that are out of sequence.  The bad news is that I know four more pages have arrived in Maine and my mailart elf has already told me she is bringing them in December and not posting them on... so there will be some long term gaps in this correspondence. I am now back in Suffolk!
I sent Simon some of his images back as stamps.