Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New mail from Mariana Serban and her students!

Bako Helen

Bako Helen

Kalunau Auna

Manteau Cristian X!C

Mariana Serban

Mariana Serban

Qatani Karola

Tazakas Julia

Trif Alina

Huge apologies if I have not copied the names accurately!  Delighted to receive this work which I will share with UK students. I am also hoping to host an exhibition in the new year.  Ill keep you posted!

Drawing from memory

Love this last minute memory from Carina! I think I am going to make a New Year's resolution to make a piece of mail art from memory at least a few times per week!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Simon Warren sends re-education material booklets 2 and 3

Make no mistake, Simon's little books (the top one 18 pages A5 and the bottom one between A5 and A6 22 pages) are histories of Britain as he sees it, remembers it, has understood it.  And with each page I can see Simon's England more clearly, with more unflinching detail.  Each arrives sewn shut, so I am unsure about what Simon means for me to share, so for now I will share the aesthetic book/envelope.

Alexander Limarev's computer graphics from Siberia Russia

Delighted to receive this from Alexander Limarev, whose logo I used in the posters for the Memories are Made of This exhibitions!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mail art call and zalopian memory from eyedrum (USA)

Memories from Singapore and Seoul - Kim Jung Youn

Holger Hertwig - mail art expressionist (Germany)

25 years IUOMA! Judy Skolnick (USA)

Vispo from Mariano Filippetta (Italia)

Damaged memories from Paul Verhulst (Belgium)

… damaged because there were more match sticks on arrival but they were poking out of the seams and after the exhibition there was only one...

Memories from Mirela Anura ((Düsseldorf)

Memories from Ion Isaila (Düsseldorf)


Birthday memories from Kat

Correspondence art from Sue Marsdon (UK)