Saturday, June 22, 2013

Today was the first day of the pop up exhibition in Suffolk at Old House (Memories are Made of This mail art plus some of the other recent pieces. 

The weather was pretty terrible so not as many people came as hoped for (about 50 people came during the day) and I told them all about IUOMA and talked them through lots of the work! I wasn't able to hang it all but it was all there and people were taking things out and holding them and opening them up, even if they weren't hanging. I showed as many genres of mail art as I could find and spoke of how the mail I receive can directly result in some inspiration that makes its way over to other art.  This was pretty easy because I also had some of my 'fusepo' - trashquilts and trash landscapes in a room nearby so could show a Diane Keys trashquilt and then explain how that morphed into my fusepo. People seemed genuinely interested too! I made some catalogs for the fusepo with a wonderful context page by De Villo Sloan!

I am back there tomorrow and there is music so perhaps even more people will know about 25 years of IUOMA and mail art.

I had materials ready and I think six people made mail art who had never made it before.